Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Are EC pills the same as the abortion pill?

No. EC pills prevent pregnancy. They do not cause an abortion.

Does using EC make it harder to get pregnant later?

No, neither Progestin pills nor ella® affect future fertility, so it is important to use effective contraception after taking them. The copper IUD is highly effective for birth control until it is removed. Once removed, fertility returns right away.

Will my doctor keep my information confidential?

Yes, in Ontario, your doctor is not allowed to talk to your family or partner about your sexual health regardless of your age. The only exception is if you are under 16 and there are concerns of sexual abuse, they will be required to report to Children’s Aid.

Can a pharmacy, doctor, or nurse deny me EC?

The doctor, pharmacist, or nurse will discuss with you whether EC is suitable for you. If they are unable to provide EC, they must refer you to somebody who can.

Does my partner have a say?

You may want to discuss this with your partner, but this decision is yours.

​I am worried I might have picked up a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI). What do I do?

Emergency contraception does not treat STIs, you need to see a health care provider.

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